With intention...

As the founder of this company, I am arranging my life and work to align with a path towards wisdom through the heart, body and mind. Years ago, what appeared as a profound challenge, revealed itself instead as the start of a journey, and is now a calling to a purpose beyond myself and integrated across all aspects of my life.

In that spirit, I bring the following intentions to my work with clients and to my own professional and personal life.  

I intend to meet clients with compassion, insight and wise discernment.

At the individual level, I intend for my clients to experience being truly seen with kindness, wholeness, intelligence and humanity.

I intend to bring a skillfulness to help individuals from all backgrounds.

I intend to bring authenticity, humanity, heart and wisdom into my work as well as all aspects of my life.

I intend to expand my imagination as I explore what is possible in this work as I draw energy from the power of transformation at the individual, group and organizational levels and, in turn, what it radiates out to our relationships, families, communities and the world.

Ashley Gibbs Davis