Foundational Coaching (Individual)

Individual clients are guided down a path of self-discovery and reflection with the outcomes of discovering inner wisdom, deepening into personal authenticity, and stepping into one's greatest expression. An integrated coaching approach encompasses both professional and personal spaces as they are intertwined. Practices are inspired by and tailored to support each client's development in embodying principles of wholeness, emotional intelligence, empathy, courage and creativity.  

These outcomes are realized through attainable goal setting, coaching conversations and practices focused on the mind-body-heart connection. Conversations are structured as individual coaching sessions between the client and the coach, and average 50-75 minutes in length. These engagements include 10 sessions spanning a 3-6 month period. 

Deepening Skillfulness (Individual)

These one-on-one engagements build on the Foundational Coaching principles and seek to deepen our access to our own intuition and inner wisdom. Practices are designed to build greater skillfulness in mindfulness, authenticity and the true embodiment of core values. Clients find an awakened sense of ease and balance in their efforts, achieving greater results with more focused energy and fulfillment.  

The coaching engagement is structured as individual coaching sessions between the client and the coach, and average 60-90 minutes in length. These engagements include 10-12 sessions spanning a 4-10 month period. 

Tailored Programs (Individual, Group, Organization)

Bespoke programs are designed to deliver desired outcomes to individuals, teams and organizations. These engagements are well-suited to organizations or teams positioned to bring the benefits of coaching in-house. These programs support individuals in realizing their fullest potential and integrating the coaching principles of authenticity and personal excellence into overall organizational culture. Programs can include comprehensive assessments such as 360 reviews, personality profiles and facilitated skill building. Organizations investing in these programs find tremendous benefit in return, cultivating a deeper alignment to shared values and inviting a genuine sense of contribution and commitment at the individual and collective levels.